Careers at Maine Quality Counts

Positions currently open:


This position is responsible for the financial aspects of accounting for Maine Quality Counts (QC) grants and contracts and ensuring compliance with grant/contract provisions.  The Accountant will support QC’s programs with grants/contracts budgeting, accounting and cost allocation, and financial reporting to ensure successful implementation of QC grants and contracts. The position requires a hands-on analytical, detail-oriented, self-motivated person who is able to effectively support QC’s financial grant administration and contracting operations.  The Accountant is expected to identify and develop strategies to optimize the grants and contracts administration process to make it as efficient and effective as possible in order to support QC team’s evolving needs, particularly recognizing the increasing volume and complexity of these programs.

Project Manager for New Initiatives

The primary focus of this position is dedicated to advancing new initiatives for Maine Quality Counts (QC), including development and successful implementation and evaluation of projects that support QC programs and QC strategic objectives in transforming health and healthcare. The Project Manager for New Initiatives provides assistance with prioritizing, organizing and managing the implementation of new initiatives, as well as assist with maximizing success across other QC objectives both new and existing as needed. This position will work in partnership with QC staff, practices, providers, and staff teams to help practices and other QC clients to meet project goals.

To apply for positions, please submit a cover letter and resume to Dawn Fecteau, Human Resources Director.