Individual staff members can be reached by phone at
207-620-8526 (extension #).

Amanda Banister
Practice Facilitator
email Amanda
(x 1028)

Amy Belisle, MD, MBA
Medical Director
email Amy B
(x 1002)

Janine Bonk
Executive Assistant
email Janine
(x 1026)

Nancy Chassé, RN, BSN
Practice Facilitator
email Nancy
(x 1034)

Jonathan Church
Program Specialist
email Jonathan
(x 1004)

Kayla Cole, CSP-SM
Lead Project Manager
email Kayla
(x 1027)

Stephen Corral, MA, PMP
Project Manager
email Stephen
(x 1042)

Annie Fox, MHA
Program Specialist
email Annie
(x 1032)

Kim Gardner, LPN, BS
Program Director, Clinical Improvement
email Kim
(x 1006)

Miriam Jamison
Program Specialist
email Miriam
(x 1014)

Monica LeClair
Administrative Coordinator
email Monica
(x 1009)

Lisa Letourneau

Senior Medical Director
email Lisa L
(x 1037)

Amy Look
email Amy L
(x 1019)

Mary Milam, MPPM
Program Specialist
email  Mary
(x 1038)

Amy Miller, BSHA/M
Program Specialist
email Amy M
(x 1048)

Liz Miller, MPH
Practice Facilitator
email Liz
(x 1022)

Joan Orr

Vice President
of Consulting Services,
& Director of NNE PTN
email Joan
(x 1039)

Jessica Reed

Quality Improvement Manager
email Jessica
(x 1003)

Kellie Slate Vitcavage, MS
Lead Project Manager
email Kellie
(x 1011)

Becky Symes
Data Analyst
email Becky
(x 1013)

Lise Tancrede
Project Manager
email Lise
(x 1001)

Jackie Tiner
Administrative Coordinator
email Jackie
(x 1036)

Pieter Tryzelaar

Manager of the Center for Adult Learning
email Pieter
(x 1018)

Danielle Ziller, MPPM
Project Manager
email Danielle
(x 1016)