Transformation to Value-Based Care

Healthcare transformation is not a one-size-fits-all process. Given this complexity, each healthcare organization needs to identify and implement a change process that suits its organizational needs and culture, in addition to tying value to payment. The ultimate goal is to achieve the quadruple aim of patient satisfaction, improved quality of care, operational efficiencies, and joy in work.

Change within the culture of health care is becoming harder. Care teams require a vision and a strategic plan to shape paths to better, more affordable care; and these goals depend on a commitment throughout a given practice or health system to providing high-value care. Maine Quality Counts helps organizations identify manageable objectives and tasks, simultaneously preparing them for the long-term goal of advanced alternative payment models, by offering the following:

  • Quality improvement technical assistance to drive successful healthcare system changes;
  • Better use of evidence-based medicine to reduce utilization of unnecessary tests and procedures; and
  • Efforts to educate consumers on how to become knowledgeable about the cost of their care, as well as why high-value care is essential to making smart, effective care choices.