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Bluechew Results After 1 Month: Sildenafil and Tadalafil Review

BlueChew offers ED medications with the same active ingredients previously only available through the brands Viagra or Cialis. They do not offer “Herbal supplements,” and to get BlueChew’s meds, you must be approved by a licensed medical provider via their online health assessment.

The company distinguishes itself by connecting you with licensed medical providers who prescribe chewable ED medications delivered monthly via a subscription service, as well as being up to 17x cheaper than Viagra and Cialis.

I was curious if this extreme price difference meant sacrificing the effect I wanted and what I found was pretty surprising. 

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Is it Safe to Give them Your Card Details?

First things first.  Signing up and putting in your card details.

Ordering things online with my credit card always makes me a bit nervous.  This was my main hesitation about trying BlueChew, so I did some research, and after doing the video call health assessment with the doctor, it seemed legit.

After I set up my account, I was glad to see they have a button on the dashboard where you can pause or completely cancel your subscription (easily!), as well as delete your card info. I did an experiment with canceling and was not double charged when the next month came, so I’m very glad they’re good about actually canceling it when you want to cancel.

You can pause the subscription or completely delete your payment method in the ‘Profile’ tab

The Active Ingredients, Sildenafil and Tadalafil

BlueChew offers chewable sildenafil and tadalafil medications, the active ingredients in Viagra and Cialis, respectively.

The same pde5 inhibitor compounds that make them work are what make BlueChew’s tablets work. If you have had results with the fore mentioned ED medications, BlueChew could work well for you.

BlueChew vs. Viagra and Cialis

Bluechew offers doses of 30mg and 45mg sildenafil, and 6mg and 9mg tadalafil.

Viagra (brand name sildenafil) is available in 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg.

Cialis (brand name tadalafil) is available in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg.

Is BlueChew or Viagra more potent?

Here’s what I know from personal experience. Your experience may vary from mine.

  • Viagra’s most common prescription is for 50 mg pills.
  • I couldn’t find BlueChews most common dosage, but I was recommended by their online doctor to start with 30 mg and go up or down from there.
  • I didn’t notice a difference in blood flow when I made the switch from 50mg Viagra to 30mg BlueChew’s Sildenafil.
  • And for each, I was good for 4 to 6 hours.

BlueChew Packaging

Each BlueChew tablet comes individually wrapped in a pouch that’s easy to open. If I take a woman out to a nice dinner, I bring a few with me. If I see things going in the right direction, I can pull out the little pouch and take it at the table without being found out. It’s just routine for me now, and I never give it another thought.

How to Get BlueChew

Be sure to use the coupon code ‘QUALITY‘ at the bluechew.com checkout page to get $20 off any plan.  The price ranges from $20 to $90, depending on how many pills you want. 

“I’m ready.”

How often can you take BlueChew?

For the BlueChew sildenafil option, it is advised not to exceed 60mg within 48 hours. For tadalafil, it is safe to stay under 20 mg and recommended by Medicines.org.uk5 to not take more than once a day. If you take it every day, the suggested dose drops to 5mg for tadalafil and 25mg for sildenafil. Please refer to your doctor for your own personal recommended doses.

How long do BlueChew effects last?

My sildenafil 30 works for 4 to 6 hours. Tadalafil can last up to 36 hours and would make it easy to get hard all day and through to the next morning. I haven’t seen any difference in erection duration or blood flow between the two either.

Is BlueChew Safe?

BlueChew runs a free consultation before accepting anyone. They’ll ask about your medications and allergies if you have any health problems or heart problems, and then a personal physician will either accept or further evaluate you.

The List of Side Effects include:

Muscle pain, headaches, fainting, hair loss, diminished heart health, etc. Viagra recommends double the safe mg to start. I never gave popping 50mg a second thought because it wasn’t presented as a risky amount.

Only 5% of men found 100mg Viagra more effective than 50mg Viagra.

Sildenafil and tadalafil can be strong ED prescription medications. I brushed off occasional muscle pain and headaches, now knowing they were caused by high amounts of unprocessed chemicals loose in my body.

BlueChew does a great job starting you off on a safer dose of 30mg sildenafil.

Other BlueChew Reviews, a second opinion

More BlueChew Reviews

BlueChew has been around since its competitors lost their patent for the active ingredients sildenafil and tadalafil in 2018. Millions have tried it, but all these opinions are all over and hard to manage. Here are some ratings I’ve found from different corners of the internet.

  1. WebMD compiled 350 reviews ranking it a 3.5 and Viagra at 3.6
  2. Cell-Life.org ranks it as 4.5 and Viagra as a 4.0
  3. BlueChew Reddit review pages have high opinions of the new ED treatments. I did find one complaining that the tablet got stuck in their throat and that only their neck was stiff for 4-6 hours. Reddit can never stay serious.

BlueChew Price and Plans

The final price for BlueChew’s erectile dysfunction medication is 3.3 to 2.6 dollars a pop for 30 mg sildenafil and tadalafil 6 mg. There are multiple packages, whether you’re Active, Popular, or a Pro, including 6 to 34 pills per month. And if you are more on the pro side, you pick a package and never have to address your ED or performance anxiety again. They just show up at my door every month without a second thought.

  • Active is 20 dollars for 6 pills per month at 3.3$ each
  • Busy is 30 dollars per month for 10 ED pills at 3$ even
  • Popular is 50 dollars per month for 17 chews at 2.8$ each
  • Pro is 90 dollars per month for 34 BlueChew tablets at 2.6$

Things to keep in mind before applying

The initial health assessment is what keeps BlueChew safe. Please consider the following before applying online.

  • It is easy to get an erection on these drugs, but foreplay may still be required
  • Do not apply if you are on Nitrate medications (Nitroglycerin, Isosorbide Dinitrate, Isosorbide Dinitrate, Isosorbide Mononitrate, Riociguat, Ritonavir, Amyl Nitrate, and Poppers do not automatically disqualify you, but may further along in the process)
  • People with low or high blood pressure may be denied after their eval is reviewed by a licensed medical provider
  • It took a week to get approved by email, and my blood pressure is a little high
  • Administer approximately 30 minutes before expected intimacy
  • It is a chewable tablet that can be taken anywhere without water
  • Back pain, headaches, chest pain, swelling, and hypertension have been reported by people taking high doses. I would start with a healthy 30mg dose and take more if you need it
  • Check all FDA health guidelines for sildenafil Here or take a health assessment on BlueChew’s website
  • Tadalafil guidelines are consolidated Here on the Food and Drug Administrations website

To wrap this up

Charging me $61.25 elsewhere to enjoy a normal sex life, knowing I, as a man, will 100% buy it, is a slap in the face. Yeah, I might have had to eat that before, but now I use BlueChew.com to get my medications online, and at a fraction of the cost. They come to my door every month, so I never miss a beat.

There is finally some competition, and we will all be better off because of it.

Where to Buy BlueChew and Online Offers

As of right now, BlueChew gives men a free trial coupon for their cheapest plan or $20 off the more expensive plans.

Keep in mind, BlueChew offers powerful treatments for men and their erectile dysfunction, which may have interactions with medications like that affect blood pressure. Please consult with your BlueChew assigned medical provider honestly.


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