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REX MD Review: A Newer Erectile Dysfunction Prescription Designed for Men’s Health

What is REX MD?

Rex MD is a telehealth service that sets up an online doctor’s appointment to approve general medications related to men’s health. After primary care professionals review your application for whatever product has caught your eye, the medication is sent overnight shipping with a tracking number. It arrives at your front steps at the earliest convenience. 

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The men’s health medical treatments for erectile dysfunction available through the REXMD online pharmacy are the following;

  • Cialis
  • Viagra
  • Sildenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Levitra

REX MD Pharmacy’s Additional Men’s Health Products

  • Hair loss
  • Daley wipes
  • Testosterone support meds

How to Get Your Hands on REX MD Erectile Dysfunction Meds?

The first step is to click on the “Start My Free Visit” located on the homepage.

At the time of writing, REX MD is offering free bonus gifts when signing up for the telehealth services;

  • 10 Pack PE Wipes
  • Prostate Health Support

The next step is to create a secure member account page using the following details;

  • Email
  • Password

When that step is complete, an online health visit starts. What comes next is approximately 26 questions regarding your medical conditions and overall health history. You are required to answer these questions with the correct information for safety reasons. If you are allergic or currently taking certain medications, they might not mesh well with REX MD and cause a bad reaction. This online visit with the questionnaire determines any potential health risks present.

Here are examples of some of the things asked in the form;

  • Latest blood pressure reading
  • Types of general medication currently taking
  • Types of ED medications currently taken or taken in the past
  • Results from physical exams
  • Prescriptions of nitrates, hormones, sedatives, Ritoavir (it’s a long list)
  • Recent shots
  • Recent use of penis pumps

As you can gather from this list, guys with medical conditions like high blood pressure might not be eligible to take the product because sildenafil is known to manipulate the blood pressure just enough to help the body produce a stiff erection. Again, it’s crucial to put truthful medical information in the system. Additionally, any episodes of you passing out or having unexplained chest pains or even drinking alcohol might disqualify your eligibility as well.

Available REX MD ED Meds (white and blue colored pills):

  • 20mg generic viagra ($5/pill)
  • Generic viagra ($10/pill)
  • Viagra ($90/pill)

Available ED Cialis meds (beige and golden colored pills)

  • Generic cialis ($10/tablet)
  • Generic cialis daily ($3/tablet)

Available Levitra ED meds

  • Levitra – $60/pill

Billing Periods for sildenafil subscription

  • One month $60
  • Three month supply for $51/month
  • Six month supply for $48/month

Billing Period for tadalafil subscription

  • 2.5mg at $3 a pill
  • 5mg at $3 a pill

And these medications are generally priced at a discounted cost. Therefore, you should order yours as soon as possible if you want to take advantage of the sale.

2-day shipping is $15 but is free with the first order.

The sign-up REX MD process is as follows;

  • Create the account page
  • Click on the email confirmation
  • Put your address into the system
  • Enter credit card information
  • Upload photo ID and separate photo if asked
  • A video or phone call with a doctor (depends on the state you live in)
  • Wait for the same day doctor’s approval (If it’s a business day)

Discreet Packaging Upon Delivery

The ed medications will arrive in a neutral, discreet packaging; therefore, no one knows what you are getting in the mail unless you tell them.

Payment Options for REX MD Prescription Drugs

Payment processing is secured by,

  • Norton
  • Verisign
  • McAfee

REX MD Offers a Cancellation Policy

The website confirms you can cancel the prescription subscription anytime. However, at the time of writing, many reviewers have complained about having trouble canceling their subscriptions.

Is RexMD Legit?

REX MD has legitimate Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra on their website. Some are a bit more expensive than others because you are getting genuine drugs. 

For guys who prefer affordable medications will have their choice of generic sildenafil or generic tadalafil. 

A customer can also weigh the legitimacy of a product or company by studying positive and negative reviews on websites like TrustPilot (REXMD.com almost has a 5-star rating) and Review.IO

Another clue indicating a product’s legitimacy is governmental rule compliance. 

  • The pharmacy and the physicians are licensed in the United States
  • HIPAA compliant (indicates that doctors cannot discuss your medical information with anyone without your permission)

REX MD Pros & Cons


  • Aesthetically beautiful website that is also easy to use
  • Similar to the telehealth system as Bluechew, GetRoman, Forhims. Therefore, guys who already used these telehealth systems are already knowledgeable about REXMD’s system
  • Free delivery on first orders
  • Has both genuine and generic viagra and cialis
  • Accessibility adjustments on the website for people who need to read longer fonts
  • Accepts all credit cards


  • Newer product that just hit the market, so it’s not “tried and true” yet
  • Reported issues with credit and debit card charges
  • Reported issues with shipping
  • Vague cancellation policy
  • If you reach the final page of sign up but don’t continue, a rep from REXMD will send you text messages several times a week 

REX MD Medical Treatment Evaluation: Final Word

Although reviewers have reported issues with ordering, shipping, and canceling a subscription, this pharmacy has many good products related to men’s health, specifically with solving ED problems.

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