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New Advances in Health Care Provision

The Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative is an effort on a national level to transform patient care. It’s a venture that Maine Equality participated in. They were one of 29 healthcare networks that participated in this.

The New Practice Transformation is a new system in the State, New Hampshire, and Vermont. It is made up of companies and 2000 clinicians. It has four aims- people in better health, better health care, budget efficiency, and greater satisfaction for health care workers in providing their services.

They work with practices that wish to give an enhanced patient experience and who hope to improve the health care system. There are five phases to the transitions in this initiative. Ultimately, they are leading towards the Advanced Alternative Payment Model.

The APM rewards practitioners monetarily when they give high quality yet budget-friendly care. This program is open to accept new sites into the APM. One can look for information online.


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