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Prenatal Drug Exposure

Every year it seems that the number of infants that are treated for prenatal drug exposure is increasing. From 2008 to 20120 the number of infants treated went from 199 to 1927. This is a crisis that is affecting the most vulnerable population, the babies. Family health agencies have gotten together and they have developed the project. This will help families get prenatal care and counseling. They will also be provided access to early intervention programs.

This project was developed to help mothers at high risk. It was developed by doctors, nurses, and others that work in prenatal care and see these infants suffering. There are guidelines for these projects but they are all designed to help.

The program is hosted by doctors and those working in prenatal outreach programs. This program is presented on the state and the national level. It will teach medical professionals to have to identify pregnant women that are substance abusers. It will also educate them on how to spot babies that are going through withdrawal upon birth. The professional will then learn how to find care for the babies and even the women. There are some important conversations and topics that have been addressed.


April – These services looked at the care for these women with substance abuse issues and those that may be using it to numb the pain. They offered a presentation on pain management for these women and healthy alternatives.

October – This program focused on screening women and tips on how to help them and the process of getting this help in the workflow.

November – This program looked at pregnancy and the women that may be facing trauma. It also looked at how PTSD affects some pregnant women and the children upon birth and what can be done to help.

December – his conference looked at testing mothers while pregnant for illegal substances and testing and caring for the newborns that test positive.

January – This conferences gave tips on how to care for women that were abusing substance while pregnant and what can be done to care for them.

February – this will help medical professionals care for newborns that have been exposed to substance by their pregnant mother and how to care for these babies.

March – this will look at women that want to breastfeed the babies but these women are substance abusers and how this can have an impact on the baby.

Materials for the Webinars

April – These services were presented by those in the health field including psychology, research , and nurses that care for these babies.

May – This service was presented by community counseling organizations.

June – This service was presented by the counseling center and licensed social workers.

July – his conference was presented by a medical personnel at a hospitals medical center.

Information from Outpatient Treatment Center and Caring for Pregnant Women with Addictions including Opioid Dependent

August – This series looked at the science of early brain development and development during early childhood.

September – This series is the continuation of the first presentation and continues to look at brain development and the effect that illegal substance have on the brain

October – The series looked at 10 steps to implement Snuggle Me and the role that community organization can play and help support these babies.

This information is being shared with those in the medical field including spokespeople to help children with fetal alcohol syndrome. They are looking at information from both mothers and children. Mother of children with this condition are speaking out to increase the awareness of the effects on the child. They are also looking to reach pregnant women that have substance abuse issues to show them the consequences of these actions and to encourage them to get help and medical care.

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November – This looks at women that are experiencing chronic pain and what they can do to help it during pregnancy. It also looks at how this pain can lead to addiction.

There will also be information on the role of opioid treatment clinics and what they can do to help

The program will look at reports and will have informative material on how to help pregnant women with possible substance abuse issues.

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