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The Maine Equality 2020 Conference

Main Equality held its largest health care conference. It’s called Maine Equality 2020. 2020 marked the 12th annual gathering. Fouryears ago, they focussed on the difference between delivering health care versus delivering health.

The goal was to improve health care in Maine as well as the overall health of that population. The goal was to examine the statistics and make them meaningful. This means looking at what the health care data says about factors such as gender and socioeconomic class.

In general, the US spends $2.8 trillion on health care. However, there is a need for improvement in spending on preventative measures that could prevent people from having to check into the hospital.

A New Yorker staff writer was the keynote speaker. He is also a surgeon and professor at The School of Public Health and Medical School.

Health care stakeholders as well as those employed in the medical field were in attendance at the conference.


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