Maine Equality Largest Conference about Health

Maine equality 2020 will be bringing together leaders, medical practitioners, tools, and resources through keynote sessions. We will provide a vision of what is important to health care and partnering with the community to improve health care. We will be discussing filling the gap and create networks between partners to [...]

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The Maine Equality 2020 Conference

Main Equality held its largest health care conference. It’s called Maine Equality 2020. 2020 marked the 12th annual gathering. Fouryears ago, they focussed on the difference between delivering health care versus delivering health. The goal was to improve health care in Maine as well as the overall health of that [...]

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Choosing Health Care Wisely in Maine

Choosing Wisely in Maine is an initiative that is put out by the Foundation. It will help physicians and patients work together to question if they really need certain tests. The medical field is overrun with patients that request tests that are actually not meaningful to them. Medical funding and [...]

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New Advances in Health Care Provision

The Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative is an effort on a national level to transform patient care. It’s a venture that Maine Equality participated in. They were one of 29 healthcare networks that participated in this. The New Practice Transformation is a new system in the State, New Hampshire, and Vermont. [...]

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Improving Health Outcomes for Kids

The Improving Health Outcomes for Kids is an initiative supported by the CHIPRA demonstration fund grant. The Care and Main Equality will develop the Maine child health improvement partnership as well as a quality improvement for sustainable Healthcare support for help workers. Maine Kids Health Improvement Partnership A part of [...]

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Community Care Teams Being Introduced

Community Care Teams help to close the gap between people with chronic health needs and their home care. By giving them a team of providers, the CCTs are helping to improve their care. They are also reducing costs for citizens by keeping them healthy at home. This, in turn, will [...]

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Prenatal Drug Exposure

Every year it seems that the number of infants that are treated for prenatal drug exposure is increasing. From 2008 to 20120 the number of infants treated went from 199 to 1927. This is a crisis that is affecting the most vulnerable population, the babies. Family health agencies have gotten [...]

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Improving Health Outcomes For Children

Step 1: Learning Session Learning session Phase 2, Development, Autism, and Anemia and Lead Screenings. This will look at meeting with autism specialists and they will share their information in a conference. First Steps looking at ways to increase and improve immunization rates There are many teams that are looking [...]

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Best Place to Buy ED Pills Online

Many people will categorize Erectile Dysfunction (ED) as a weird condition of which is wrong. But do you know what is funny? It’s failing to do something about that condition. It’s known that ED pills will help in maintaining an erection firm enough for sex. As most men are not [...]

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